all about me


I don’t know the first thing about blogging, but hereĀ I am! I’m going to try it and if I fail then at least I can say I tried!

You can call me CC.

I am a daughter, sister, cousin, and friend.

My life is worthy even though sometimes I don’t feel like it is. Can you relate?

I enjoy my friends, family and all things food. There’s only a select few foods I don’t appreciate: tomatoes, and mushrooms (the not fried ones).

I attend college right now and should graduate in May 2019. I study communications and I’m obsessed.

I really started this blog as an outlet for me to write when I have something on my mind and maybe even talk about topics that y’all want to hear about!

I do have a goal to be open, honest, and vulnerable when writing.

I hope there are a few of you that want to enjoy this journey with me!!!!


xo – cc